Photographic Lighting for Everybody

Please sure to tell me who to sign the book to. Once payment is made you will receive your signed book within 2 weeks. A limited Thank you for your support card is included.


My mailing envelops are delayed till April 20th so I will be sending out the books that were ordered last week, next week. Thank you to everyone who has purchased books thus far and for your patience.  A Thank You note with the award winning Phew Lake Photo will be included. .I too am experiencing supply chain issues. I am assured by both suppliers they will arrive next week.

If you do go to Amazon and want to purchase my book, it says it due June 15th. I am looking into that since I know the books have been printed, at least the ones that were sent to me..I currently only have 6 left..hoping to get some more soon..waiting to hear from my publicist …

Which brings me to Godot. If you are not familiar with this amazing play “Waiting for Godot” by Samual Becket it is work a read or watch..We all are experiencing Becket’s seminal play today. Lots of questions and no answers. I actually read it in high school and taught a course in the The Theater of the Absurd, something we are all experiencing today. In someways reading Becket; Ionesco; Pinter even Albee today is sort of soothing , humorous, and  revealing. Pealing away the perceived certainty of todays life and realizing chaos, chance and luck are the real drivers in our modern times. So my advice is to enjoy every moment ( something photography teaches us) , be kind ( karma) and learn something new..Plato had it right when he said ” an unexamined life is not worth living”

In the meantime here is another sample from the book:

I cover the importance of adjusting the Depth of Field to suit your creative intention. It is one the 3 foundations of creative photography and film making.


Screen Shot 2020-04-13 at 11.13.41 AM

The Annapurna Mountains

Screen Shot 2020-04-13 at 11.13.16 AM

Push Pins


Contact me if you have any questions and please share with everyone and be safe..



Photographic Lighting for Everybody

Please sure to tell me who to sign the book to. Once payment is made you will receive your signed book within 2 weeks. A limited Thank you for your support card is included.


Thank you Card with the Award Wining Image of Phewa Lake when you order a signed book.

I hope all of you are being safe and productive. It is a strange time indeed, walking around with a mask, keeping a distance from friends and neighbors and a lot of hand washing.

I wanted to let you know that for a limited time when you purchase my book, Photographic Lighting for Everybody you will receive a thank you note with the Award winning image Phewa Lake, ( Communication Arts 2020 Photo Competition; top three images of 2019 ASMP Photo Competition and a nominee in the 13th  International Color Awards )


Photographic Lighting for Everybody

Please sure to tell me who to sign the book to. Once payment is made you will receive your signed book within 2 weeks. A limited Thank you for your support card is included.


Photographic Lighting for Everybody

Please sure to tell me who to sign the book to. Once payment is made you will receive your signed book within 2 weeks. A limited Thank you for your support card is included.




An Excerpt from my soon to be released book ” Photographic Lighting for Everybody”

Hello, I hope all of you are healthy and staying positive by creating. Personally, I am fortunate to be stuck at home with my family, Zooming with my students at RMCAD at least once a week, walking my dog, cooking, social media’ing ( is that a word?) scanning my photographic archive of 40 years, , and learning new skills to broaden my creative world…Advice..we can’t change what is going on in the world but (be vigilante about the CDC recommendations for prevent the spread of this terrible virus) we can make the most on self improvement.
Simply cleaning out a sock drawer can improve your attitude…

Award winning Phewa Lake, Pokhara Nepal

I just found out my photo ” Phewa Lake, Pokhara Nepal ” has been short listed to the Prestigious Communication Arts Photographic Annual 2020…This will be the third award this photograph has garnered this year. It is for sale so if you interested message me….

That said here is another excerpt for my book ” Photographic Lighting for Everybody” coming out this May ( makes a great Mother’s Day present) Enjoy and please share and become a fan of this blog..much more to come and hey, what else you got going?

Stay healthy and if there is no one around to give a hug to…give yourself a big deserve it..

This excerpt is one of the corner stones of creative photography, the color of light. I break down the myths, misconceptions, misunderstandings and other m words to help you learn to control the final color in your photography. I love black and white photography but I also realize understanding color and be able to control the final color of the images opens up a whole new world of image making. If you are looking to inspired take a look at the work of Ernst Haas or Pete Turner…masters of color photography..

I was hoping that my book “ Photographic Lighting for Everybody” would be out in print by April but as everything in our lives it will be delayed till the first weeks in May. In the meantime I will continue to show excerpts from the book. If these’s teases are too much there will be an opportunity in mid April to see the whole book as a PDF..under the condition that you pm me and write a hopefully glowing review of the book on Amazon..something to contemplate over the long days ahead…

Above are two pages from my book. It address the importance of “: the direction of light.” Depending on where the light is coming from can transform you subject for cheerful to terrifying.

Photo Exercise 1:27:2020

Since all of us are temporily quarentined take advantage of this time to create and learn. Take a simple desk lamp/flash light and an object, like a vase of flowers or a can of soda and place the object on a table. Take your iPhone or camera and take a photo of the object with the primary light directed at the object. Now move the light around to the side of the object, above the object and below the object take a photo of each scenario. Notice how the form of the object changes depending on the direction of light…which one do you like best? which one expresses a certain feeling? Take different object or a person and try the same thing..You can learn a lot by observation, experimenting and making mistakes…

Enjoy this exercise and please share and join this blog. I will continue to share excerpts and there will be a cool give a way next month…stay healthy, love the ones that surround you and be productive…


Steven H. Begleiter..

PS I may start a Vlog on YouTube with more lessons and fun things to do on improving your photography… Anyone interested? Let me know …

In an effort to streamline content and better your experience, I will be changing my URL of this site to The name may seem familiar to you, it is the name of my upcoming photography book Photographic Lighting for Everybody This change will occur next week and will have new content once a week to keep you up to date with the book and keep you informed of it release, content and up to date information to help you improve your photography.

To make this blog more interactive I will be including tutorials, sneak peaks ( sections of the book) and will be fielding any questions you may have about the content and advice on how to improve your photography. So stay tuned and please chime in and share this blog with your family and friends.

It is a strange time we are living in with the Cover-19 Pandemic, all of our lives have been changed, now is the time to reflect, be informed and be kind to one another. We will get back to social engagement and in some ways will be a bit wiser. It is a good time to learn new skills, FaceTime and be with the ones you love. Peace and I look forward to sharing photos and stories with all of you…

Since we are all observing the guidelines of preventing Covid19 and staying inside I thought I would share part of my book with you. The book Photographic Lighting for Everybody is not yet in Print, although you can preorder on Amazon, I am hoping to have some copies in hand by the end of April.

Now why the annoying Proof Copy Only in the background…well if you are interested and when I do receive the actually book I will offer the book in part as a PDF for Free and exchange for a review on Amazon..

I think this is pretty good start to a book…I can’t wait till I can actually put on in my hands…If you interested in purchasing on directly PM me at, with your address and I will send you information about costs, where to send payment etc..once payment is sent I will ship one out inscribed within 2 weeks..but remember the book is still at the printer and will be out by mid April…Get on mailing list and you will be one of the first to know when it is out…

Pre Order on Amazon….

PS Photos in the book were taken in Montana; Colorado; Ohio and Nepal…:)

It seems as it was years ago that I started this project. My goal was to write a book that was accessible to everyone that wants to improve their photography regardless of their age or experience. I also realized that the smartphone is a great tool to record and interpret our modern world.

As an photo educator for over 20 years I really learned a lot from teaching and from my students. I learned to distill complex photographic theory into, what I hope to be, an easy to understand description of the foundations of capturing light on a DSLR or Smartphone. I still get exciting when I am demonstrating photo concepts and they have this ‘aha’ moment in their eyes.

I am excited to finally see the front; back and inside cover of the book…What does this mean? Well it is out of my hands and onto the printer, my publicist even asked for my address, I suspect to send the complete book to my home…

I also am privileged to watch them create and grow as a visual artist, like Cris Crisman who wrote a lovely review of the book. He was one of my early students at the University of Pennsylvania School of Fine Arts. He has blossomed into a wonderful visual artist, who recently published his first book ” Women’s Work”

While on topic I wanted to thank my former studio mate and friend Bill Bernstein for also reviewing my book. Bill is a great portrait photographer who was Paul McCartney’s tour photographer for 5 years… Finally I would like to thank one my mentors, national geographic photographer, educator, film maker and just an all around nice guy Bob Sacha, who was one of the first to read and review my book…I mean he did say he wished he had read this book 20 years ago..:) thanks Bob

Finally, if you are interested in purchasing a book directly from me and signed PM me…with all your info..I am setting up a purchase site on photoshelter which will be up and running in March …

Back in the day when I was running my studio in NYC, I learned that when work was slow I would plan a trip. Without fail I would get a call for an assignment that would happen while I was gone. I would go on the trip anyway and when I would come back work would pick up again. Stay with me.. So last November, only two months ago my family and I took a trip to Nepal. We had been planning this trip for years and needless to say was very excited when the day finally arrived.

Picked by the ASMP as one of the three best images in 2019

One of the reasons I love to travel is to get out my routines and environment. I had been working feverishly for months completing my next book ” Photographic Lighting for Everybody” due out this Spring on Amherst Media. In addition I had been teaching a new course at RMCAD and burning out. I also love adventure and new experiences to inspire my visual inclinations. I needed some additional images for my upcoming book and Nepal seemed like a good place to find them.

Pokhara , Nepal sits on Phewa Lake and overlooking the lake, and a good trek is the Peace Pagoda. On the way up to the Pagoda we took a small boat across the Phewa Lake, It was a peaceful ride there a hard trek up and up and up to the Pagoda but. well worth the trip. On our way back I looked back at Phewa Lake and notice the sun was trying to fight through the late evening clouds and the empty boats were illuminated ….it was a photographers gift from the gods…I took a couple of shots, knowing I had something special and when I got back to the States and opened up the image on my computer, my heart skipped a beat. I came across an email from the ASMP asking for submission from 2019 for the Best of competition and said, ” why not?” Submitted the image and to my surprise the judges agreed…I am going to start selling my prints that have won awards in a couple of months via PhotoShelter so stay tuned…..

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