Photographic Lighting for Everybody ….Due out in April 2020

Welcome to my blog Photographic Lighting for Everybody.  In this blog I will write about helpful information on how to improve your photography and capture what you see in your minds eye. Most of the material will be from my recent book “Photography Lighting for Everybody” I will share my 35 years of professional experience as a photographer, author , and educator.

My Sixth book on photography for Amherst Media , the world’s largest publisher of photography books, is about the foundations of lighting and how achieve the best photos on your DSLR/MILC and Smart Phones. The book is for amateurs and aspiring professional photographers who want to take better photos on their i-phones and Digital Cameras.

In this blog and book, I will include demos and assignments that will challenge you and I can promise your will learn over time how to better photos. First thing first, let’s start from the beginning…..

Let There Be Light...My career started in high school in Cleveland Heights, Ohio. A friend showed me how to make prints in the darkroom and I was hooked. I ended up building a darkroom in my basement and took on some portrait jobs of fellow students..Off to College, Kent State University on the 5 year four year plan with a degree in Photojournalism and a minor in Philosophy…Then off to NYC to see what good fortune may be in store for me…..

nominate best in show in the 13th Annual Spider Awards…the 9-11 tower

I started my photography career in New York City assisting some great photographers like Mary Ellen Mark and Annie Leibovitz learning to light portrait on the go…I set up the lights for covers of Rolling Stone, Vanity Fair and Life Magazine…after 4 years of assisting I decided to set up a studio in NYC that lasted 17 years. I shot of magazines, brochures, annual reports and so on….learning how to Light along the way…I even published some books of my work and on Portrait lighting…

why am I tell you all this ….


Because throughout my long career regardless of film, digital, long lenses, fisheye, portraits, architecture, product…it was all about the Lighting   that made an ordinary image an extraordinary image.

The Contract is signed…

I signed and sent the contract to my publisher Amherst Media yesterday which mean I have about 6 weeks to complete the work…YIKES..Writing Books are like running Marathons, it never gets easy and the end is never is sight…

Shot on my iPhone, a crystal place at the window reflect the rainbow on my son’s face….
Since I am writing about Light and how to make better photos with an iPhone/DSLR/MILC I thought this might be a good opening image for the inside of the book.

Tomorrow I receive the Canon R camera and a lens from the Camera Professional Service, thank you Canon…I will be shooting the cover of the book next week using this camera.

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