Amazon Hiccup : Excerpt from the book on how to create a mood by controling the color.

Hello friends and photo enthusiasts,

I learned from my publishers publicist that Amazon is pushing release of my newest book back to a later date. What that means is I am not sure when my book will be released by Amazon. You still can purchased a signed copy from me , only 4 left in stock. It is a bit frustrating but understandable under these unusual circumstances.

A favor for those who have received their books, could you do a selfie with the book or if you are shy a photo of the book in a cool location and post it to your social media? The best shot will appear in the next news letter…and a personal thanks…

Finally, an excerpt from the book for your weekend read: Understanding color theory is another foundation to creating better photos. In the art world we talk about ” Warm and Cold ” colors triggering emotions. Early morning light, the golden hour, yield a golden ( yellow light) yielding a warm and fuzzy emoiton. Blues or ” cold li,ght” triggers emoitions of isolaiton and sadness. What if you could control the base color or even better change it in camera or post production to create the expressive image you want to convey? YOU CAN and HERE IS AN EXCERPT FROM MY BOOK : Photographic Lighting for Everybody:

Photographic Lighitng for Everybody

A book that simply lays out tips on how to improve your photography on a DSLR or SmartPhone. Order Now for a personally signed copy and a special gift, while suplies last.


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