Photographic Lighting for EveryBody goes digital/PHotographing your family for the holidays

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Photographic Lighting for Everybody

Ever want to create better photos on you smartphone or thinking about turning your hobby into money. This book will give you the basic to launch your passion of taking photos to another level.

35.00 $

Since the holiday are just around the corner, and if you remember my last post was about color correction I thought it would be a good idea to talk about photographing your family. When I first moved to NYC in the 80’s I met a Time photographer Bill Pierce. I asked him how he got into the business and his response was ” Photograph what you know, I took a portfolio to the Time/Life photo editors filled with images of my family, and they hired me on the spot.” True story by the way. I am sure they were not your ordinary family photos but images that captured imagination and stirred the heart.

Start with What You Know.

©The following images are from a series taken of my family at Lost Trail Hot Springs in Montana. I decided to start the book off with these photos of my son Makhesh and daughter Metika to demonstrate a few things: the magical power of natural light, the impact of light color on our emotions, and the simple act of being adventurous. It’s not important to understand all of the techniques I’m going to mention here ( we’ll work through them over the course of this book)> The important thing is to note that seemingly ” everyday” moments, scenes, and subjects can be transformed into exciting images through the thoughtful application of lighting, composition, and other photographic techniques-and with relatively basic equipment.

This is an excerpt from my book ” Photographic Lighting for Everybody” Amherst Media 2020
This Image was photographed with my iPhone. I used a the Camera+ app to vignette and sharpen the image. The rainbow wars created by the sun’s rays going through a crystal that was placed in front of the window
This award winning image was taken at Lost Trail Hot Springs. We would go there as a family in the winter and the owners would place a large translucent tarp over the pool. Since I was familiar with the site and had been there before I knew it would be a great location for photos. I took these images with my Canon DSLR and wide angle lens. I let the background light be my primary exposure creating the silohuet of my son Makhesh jumping into the water. I also took the risk of sitting in the pool with my camera getting wet. Water droplets landed on my lens which created the light distortion, I call these my happy accidents. For all those technical folk I shot this at a fast shutter speed of 1/200 at f11.
This is a photo of my daughter Metika at the same hot springs. Once again I let the background light be the primary exposure and ISO 100 at f11 at 320th of Second, the silhouette was create. I wanted a more somber mood so after I uploaded the image in Adobe Lightroom, I warmed up the color temperature from 5446Kelvin to 5150Kelvin, cool to warm. This is explained with more detail in my book.

So, be creative this holiday season, with your smart phone or DSLR. Please feel free to contact me if you have any question or assignments you would like to discuss. I am open for business. Finally I would like to direct you to my NEW WEB SITE: WWW.Begleiter.Com It is a work in progress but I am exited about the potential and the new platform on PhotoShelter.



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