Part 2 Finally and major Price drop on my book

HI and thank you for being patient with part of the Phewa Lake Video. I was about to start it two weeks ago when I found out that my class at the Colorado Photographic Art Center called and told me I had students for my workshop. “Whaaaat” what about the Pandemic ? Turned out the class was small enough and dedicated , I couldn’t say no. My first in class teaching experience since March. Since I hadn’t prepared teaching a class, all my free time was dedicated to putting the class together. I am happy to say it well, everyone behaved themselves and we all had a lot of fun…fully masked, social distancing.undefined Phewa Lake in Pokhara, Nepal .

The class ending and I gave me time to do my latest video. It is part 2 of how I shot Phew Lake, the technical side. It is worth a look if you want to learn more about Adobe Lightroom and how you too can get similar effects. It is my longes video to date, 8 minutes….

Since I can’t compete with Amazon, the price of my recent book “Photographic Lighitng for Everybody” is now only $35, two dollars more than Amazon but that does include a personallly signed book, a special gift and free delivery in the USA. Order you book now…before I am out of stock again…

Photographic Lighitng for Everybody

Great book, great price, Buy yours now before they run out of stock


Enjoy the free lesson and please subscribe to my YouTube Channel and Blog post. Your non monetary support is important to me and will dictate how long I continue passing on this hard earned photographic knowlege. Stay safe, be nice and keep creating ,


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