Qualtiy of Light and how to Anticipate capturing the best Possible photo

In my recent book Photographic Lighting for Everybody one of the cornerstones of good photography is how to identify the quality of light and apply it to making your photograph standout. All the great artist study light and it’s effects on the subjects it illuminates. Monet catherderal paintings are a great example of that discipline as discussedd in NPR series Monet.

This award winning image was taken of Phewa Lake, Pokhara, Nepal

Starting out as a portrait photographer, I would place a bust of women on a table and move a flood light around the sculpture and photograph the light falling onto the bust. It showed me how light can be transformative and alter the contours, shapes and texture. Taking walks or driving through the city I observe how the light is effecting the environment, I take notes on time of day and the season. Over time I have learned to “walk away’ if the light is not just right and come back when I know the light will be right.

The following Video is a true story of how I captured one of my most prized photographs in my 35 years as a professional. The image of Lake Phewa, Pokhara, Nepal was just awarded the coveted Communication Arts photographic competition in the ” for sale ” category. The image was also selected by the ASMP National as the second best photo of 2019 ( personal work) and nominated in the MasterCup International photography competition.

My 4 minute video about the day I photographed my award winning photograph Phewa Lake.

This short video takes you through the day I shot this image and the experience I had leading up to taking this image. For me, photography is spiritual and connects me to beauty of the world and awakens me to it’s potential. It forces me to be in the moment and appreciate each moment of my life. In this difficult time of where we are and are experiencing a profound sense of loss, going out ( with mask and staying 6 feet away) and taking photos can be very healing. Enjoy the show and please subscribe to this blog and my Youtube channel, for more details buy my book.

undefinedProudly displaying my CommArts Award for the 2020 Photo Competiton…

Photographic Lighting for Everybody

July 4th special. If you purchase my book from me by July 5th, you will recieve a copy of my book signed and a special Thank You card with a print of Phewa Lake for only $40.


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