My Big Award and coming Soon to your home Theater

Hello friends and photo fanatics,

I was so excited to be the recipient of the 2020 Communication Arts Photographic Competition award. The actual award arrived today in the mail and it has some weight. It is a solid steel ( maybe aluminum) slick looking award. The last trophy I received, I was 12 and it was for coming in first in a swimming race, I guess I was overdue for another trophy: A happy photographer holding my CommArts award. Me and my CA award by the way..I explain how I got that shot in my recent book ” Photographic Lighting for Everybody” can be purchased on Amazon. You can also go to my YouTube channel ” How I did that” In case you are not sure which image I am talking about …and I just found out my book was the #1 book for Lighting in 2020 go to Book Authority …to learn more…

Award Winning Image
Phewa Lake taken in Pokhara Nepal winner of CommArts 2020 Photo Competition

Be on the look out for the video about ” How I Made That” and subscribe to the channel

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