New shipment arriving soon and some advice from an aging Freelancer. ( 3 minute Read)

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Being a multi-billion dollar international business doesn’t mean I am immune to supply chain problems. Now that I got that out of the way, I am happy to say a new shipment of my book ” Photographic Lighting for Everybody ” will be arriving soon and the limited supply will be for sale. Amazon still has a June 15th pub date, so this is your chance to own a personalized book from moi…at a special price. To clarify, I am only a multi-billion of dollars short of being a multi-billionaire.

Photographic Lightng for Everybody

“This book is both comprehensive and inspiring. I wish I had read it 20 years ago so I didn’t have to learn all these lessons the hard way.” —Bob Sacha, director, cinematographer, and photographer a signed book and small print will be sent directly to you ...for a limited time only.


Staying Home and Staying Sane

I have been a freelancer for over 35 years and have had my share of despair trying to ” keep the ball rolling” As a freelancer who is dependent on a day to day challenge to find work I have learned a few tricks to stay positive and be productive. I remember a time when rent was due , I had just lost a major client and prospects for work were non existant.

I couldn’t sleep and it was about 2 in the morning. I decided rather than stressing about my situation I would put on my headphones and listen to Beethoven Sixth Symphony, the “Pastoral Symphony” which is about man’s feelings and connections towards nature. Living on a second floor of brownstone in Brooklyn was about as far away from nature as one could find. The first notes carried me away to a safe and beautiful place and washed away my anxiety of my current situation. My point, music is a great elixar for all that ails you. Beethoven was a master and for me a savior. After listening to the complete symphony , I fell peacefully asleep. The following week I got a got a call from what would become a long term client. Excited about the news I put on Aaron Copeland’s ” Hoe-Down” to celebrate. My point, music is powerful relief from today’s stress brought on by this pandemic. Most importantly music, like photography creates ” mindfullness and awareness of the present moment.”

The act of looking for ” that” photograph is a meditation on what is in front of you.

Being in the moment disipates any negative thoughts of past or future as you go on that treasure hunt to find that image. You may not find that image but the act of looking has created new opportunities of self-awareness; continuety and a feeling of hope. So if you are feeling down, hopeless or dread, first accept those feelings they are real but rather than obsess go on a photographic journey in your home or out ( wear a mask; keep your social distance and wash your hands). The pandemic will pass, our world will look a little different , but embrace each moment, each breath and your loved ones humans or animals. Even better listen to Dinah Washing sing “ What a Difference a Day Makes.”

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Photographic Lighitng for Everybody

“Steven is a wealth of information when it comes to lighting for photography. This book is well worth reading for the pro photographer as well as the beginner.” —Bill Bernstein, Bill Bernstein Photography


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