My first review and a shout out to Iphoneography Central; another excerpt to boot !

I am excited to share the first review of my recent book ” Photography Lighting for Everybody” by Nicki Fitz-Gerald of iPhonography Central.

Anyone who starts their photographic career with legendary photographers Annie Leibovitz and Mary Ellen Mark has to be off to a good start – right? Photographer and photo educator Steve Begleiter did just that and he’s just released his sixth book… Nicki Fitz-Gerald

Photographic Lighting for Everybody

A great book for iphone photographers who want to learn the foundations of photography. Order now and receive a signed book with a special print inside..while supplies last.


Stop Motion on an iPhone or DSLR..what’s the diff?

No difference at all if you have a shutter speed control on your phone…One of the unique qualities of the Camera is the ability to Freeze motion, that the human eye could not detect. The famous photographer, Eadweard Muybridge knew this and was able to settle a bet between two titans of industry in 1872. The bet: Does a horse’s all four legs leave the ground at the same time when it is running ? ”

Here is how you can achieve this miraculous technique on your smartphone or DSLR

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