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The common denominator to all great images: Light. Light forms your images, draws attention to what you want to communicate and brings emotion to a static impression. Learning how to control the light; how to anticipate the light and how to manipulate the light opens all the creative channels to help guide you create what you see and want to express. Once you understand these basic concepts you will no longer say ” why wasn’t I able to capture what I saw?” to ” wow, that is exactly what I saw!”

I am not only excited about this book but I am also excited about sharing my knowledge of photography in this blog. A passion I began almost 50 years ago when I was 14 and took my first photo and processed my first roll of black and white film and made my first print. If you love photography as much I do please sign up for my blog and share with your friends. I know there are lot of choices out there but I promise to not be long winded; bodacious; self-serving; just the facts and some knowledge and advice.

My Photography career has opened up all kinds of amazing worlds, introduced me to some incredible people and is always challenging. Please send feedback, ask questions and share your experiences. I am going to end this weeks blog with one of the photos I had take when I was 14 and growing up in Cleveland, Ohio. I call it Jack Frost, because if you look hard enough you will see Jack Frost in the ice. Can you find Jack Frost..if not I will put a circle around him in the next post. In the meantime, learn something new today, go outside and enjoy your environment ( keep social distancing and wear a mask) and buy my book ( I have to say that). I look forward to hearing back from you and look for my next blog next week.


Can you find Jack Frost? 1970

Photographic Lightihng for Everybody

Unlock your creative photography and unblock your potential as a visual artist. This book breaks down the essential knowledge you need to know to create not just better photo but breathtaking award winning images.


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