Book Available on Amazon this Friday: or purchase it directly through Photo Tips: Can You find Jack Frost?

I am excited to announce that my book will be available for sale on Amazon this Friday, April 24th.

You will still be able to order directly from me but please share this with photo enthusiast friends around the world. This will be my fifth book on the art of photography and I believe it to be my best. It was the most difficult to write since I forced myself to keep it simple. Meaning that I used my knowledge of 20 plus years of teaching photography to guide the content. I broke it down to what I feel are the essential tools to help everybody improve their photography regardless of what camera/phone you use. Take your photography to next level, impress your friends and win awards, buy this book.

Photographic Lighting for Everybody

Unlock your creative photography and unblock your potential as a visual artist. This book breaks down the essential knowledge you need to know to create not just better photo but breathtaking award winning images.


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