Finally ..but not yet.

It seems as it was years ago that I started this project. My goal was to write a book that was accessible to everyone that wants to improve their photography regardless of their age or experience. I also realized that the smartphone is a great tool to record and interpret our modern world.

As an photo educator for over 20 years I really learned a lot from teaching and from my students. I learned to distill complex photographic theory into, what I hope to be, an easy to understand description of the foundations of capturing light on a DSLR or Smartphone. I still get exciting when I am demonstrating photo concepts and they have this ‘aha’ moment in their eyes.

I am excited to finally see the front; back and inside cover of the book…What does this mean? Well it is out of my hands and onto the printer, my publicist even asked for my address, I suspect to send the complete book to my home…

I also am privileged to watch them create and grow as a visual artist, like Cris Crisman who wrote a lovely review of the book. He was one of my early students at the University of Pennsylvania School of Fine Arts. He has blossomed into a wonderful visual artist, who recently published his first book ” Women’s Work”

While on topic I wanted to thank my former studio mate and friend Bill Bernstein for also reviewing my book. Bill is a great portrait photographer who was Paul McCartney’s tour photographer for 5 years… Finally I would like to thank one my mentors, national geographic photographer, educator, film maker and just an all around nice guy Bob Sacha, who was one of the first to read and review my book…I mean he did say he wished he had read this book 20 years ago..:) thanks Bob

Finally, if you are interested in purchasing a book directly from me and signed PM me…with all your info..I am setting up a purchase site on photoshelter which will be up and running in March …

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