You Never Know: A prize winning photo

Back in the day when I was running my studio in NYC, I learned that when work was slow I would plan a trip. Without fail I would get a call for an assignment that would happen while I was gone. I would go on the trip anyway and when I would come back work would pick up again. Stay with me.. So last November, only two months ago my family and I took a trip to Nepal. We had been planning this trip for years and needless to say was very excited when the day finally arrived.

Picked by the ASMP as one of the three best images in 2019

One of the reasons I love to travel is to get out my routines and environment. I had been working feverishly for months completing my next book ” Photographic Lighting for Everybody” due out this Spring on Amherst Media. In addition I had been teaching a new course at RMCAD and burning out. I also love adventure and new experiences to inspire my visual inclinations. I needed some additional images for my upcoming book and Nepal seemed like a good place to find them.

Pokhara , Nepal sits on Phewa Lake and overlooking the lake, and a good trek is the Peace Pagoda. On the way up to the Pagoda we took a small boat across the Phewa Lake, It was a peaceful ride there a hard trek up and up and up to the Pagoda but. well worth the trip. On our way back I looked back at Phewa Lake and notice the sun was trying to fight through the late evening clouds and the empty boats were illuminated ….it was a photographers gift from the gods…I took a couple of shots, knowing I had something special and when I got back to the States and opened up the image on my computer, my heart skipped a beat. I came across an email from the ASMP asking for submission from 2019 for the Best of competition and said, ” why not?” Submitted the image and to my surprise the judges agreed…I am going to start selling my prints that have won awards in a couple of months via PhotoShelter so stay tuned…..

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