What’s in Title? Book Publishing

So I am trying to settle on a title for my book that is coming out next Spring (2020). For those who say ” wow that’s a long time from now?” Publishing books ( my sixth one) are not very spontaneous . Once the first draft is completed, it goes to the editor and the marketing department. The marketing department then creates a campaign, the editor slogs through my writing ( I love my editor). It takes time…but back to my first question. What to call the book?

Taken in the historic Roxy Theater in Missoula Montana…Music Producer Jake Birch…taken with one Light…learn more in 2020

Capturing Light: Improving Your Photography Creatively Through Light 

Is what my marketing person came up with at first glance, she’s good, thanks Katie. I sort of like it since that is really the essence of this book is to explain the ” tricks and methods” to improve your photography with simple and yet effective lighting . I should know since I have been problem solving lighting situations for over 30 years ( Yikes, am I that old?) Anyway let me know what you think? Please share this post and sign up to learn some of tried and true methods of creating fabulous fotos ( I know it should be with PH). enjoy your day and happy photographing…. Steven B.

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