First draft sent to the publisher

Time for a breather. You get to the point where you just want to stop and I did, for a short time. Then I decided to give it a second read and add more information…then I stopped…and decided it was time to send it to my editor at Amherst Media

An illustration from the book showing the effectiveness of using complimentary colors in styling a photograph. One of my favorite Model/Dancer/Actress Johanna Ciampa is photographed in the studio wear an Ami Davis scarf in Missoula, Montana composited with a shot I took at Lookout Mountain in Denver Colorado.

Tomorrow I am fortunate enough to teach a new class at the Rocky Mountain School of Art and Design, lighting 1 (RMCAD). I say lucky because after working on this intro to lighting book for the last year I feel I have a lot of new discoveries to share. Now that the first draft is completed I will have more time to write in this blog. So please share and comment and ask…Happy Shutter bugging Steven

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