The Pressure is on..Writer’s Doubt…

That’s me climbing up Mount Sentinel in Missoula, Montana with about 70 pounds of gear on my back. It is part of the story I explain on ” how I got the shot” in my upcoming book, who’s title is unnamed for now.

My publisher Amherst Media books wrote to me tonight…..

We look forward to publishing your awesome book.

Normally that would be great news, but the truth is I haven’t sent them the manuscript yet. I am almost finished with the first draft and I have to admit it is coming together.

The way I work is similar to the way I write…instincts, observation and execution. I knew I wanted to write about light and how photographers, can improve their images. I wasn’t sure how to pull it together. I have always been fascinated by light even before I started taking photos. It’s quality, ever changing properties and how it could beckon you without knowing.

So after teaching lighting to students for over 15 years and recognizing the difficulty of seeing the light, I decided to formulate a way…to break it down and build it up that everyone could understand. At least that is my goal of this book. I have even invented new terminology to try and explain complex ideas…my own Zone System….So maybe my publisher knows something I don’t know.

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