Tulips and Light Painting

The fun thing about teaching and writing is there is always inspiration. In the class, I am inspired by my students ” who show up” and writing this book about lighting. I am always thinking about how to best explain complicated concepts. In this blog I am taking a an excerpt from my up coming book ” Capturing Light: Improving Your Photography Creatively Through Light”   working title.

In discussing the function of the Shutter on a camera I was trying to come up with creative examples of how to use the shutter. One of the things I love to do is called Painting with light. In brief, painting with light is when you hold the shutter open for as long as you want bringing in light to the camera sensor/film, with the camera on a tripod, you can keep the shutter open ….well until your camera battery dies. I go more into detail about painting with light in my book but keeping this post ,short here ya go: I used the LUME Cube to paint with light in the following image. The camera on a tripod and the shutter set for 20 seconds and the lens at f22 I point the Cube at the tulips and outlined the vase and the flowers. That’s it:)

Here I kept the shutter open for 20 seconds and used a LUME Cube to paint/trace around the black milk glass.
The Final Shot…

Got to run ….but let me know what you think and please share…sharing is caring 🙂

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