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Tomorrow is the shoot for the cover of my next book. Since this is an intro book I am staying away from using strobe or speed lights to create this portrait, a departure from my usual lighting setup.

I will be photography Astrid, great name, in an old synagogue from the 19th century. It is in disrepair, pealing paint, no electricity or plumbing. I have been taking my student there since I have been teaching at RMCAD from the last yearyear, hoping to inspire them.

Despite the cold temperatures the location is inspiring. Some of my students have created great images in the site. As you can see there are a lot of possibilities. 

I am going to rely on where the LIGHT takes me for this shoot rather than creating the LIGHT, as I usually do for commercial shoots…hopefully the spirits will be with me…and of course I will be shooting the the Canon EOS R that CPS has gratefully loaned me…read earlier blog for the story…until next time…happy photo shoots to you all…

the front door of my location

Inside the synagogue
The model Astrid is working with her sister Leslie in the RMCAD studio, during my portrait class…I think she will make a great cover shot….
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