Queen; Is this the real thing

Yesterday I had the opportunity to test out the Canon EOS R ( Mirrorless camera) on location with top Teen models, Metika, Maggie, Katie and Rowen at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science. 

Metika, Maggie, Katie and Rowen help me stop action

My mission was to visually demonstrate the use of a SLOW shutter Speed and a Fast Shutter speed for my upcoming book ” Seeing the Light” (working title). Once the parents signed the model releases we were off. My number one assistant, Makhesh, was by my side to help me.

It was a brisk day with temperatures in the upper 40’s ( I love Denver weather by the way) The models were excited, chatting about broadway musicals, the latest on Netflix, binge watching and the big payoff after the shoot, ice cream.

When we arrived the museums parking lot was busy, the museum was free that day. I got the eye of the parking attendant and he gave me a big smile and dropped the rope and directed me to turn left since a space had just opened up, my lucky day.

When I first moved to Denver over a year ago, a new friend had told me you can get a great view of Denver at the museum. I stored that comment away and thought that it would make a great background for a shoot that day. I was a bit worried about the weather, gray skies and windy but I also felt this was my luck day and the shoot would be a success.

One thing I learned as a professional photographer for the last 30 plus years is that nothing is ever certain regarding a photo shoot. There are a lot of variables and if it doesn’t t fall into a place the shoot can be a total disaster. So the stars have to line up and you have have to have a bit of luck. To be more metaphysical, it is the things you don’t see that matter the most..

Anyway it was a successful shoot, the models were great and had good energy…to learn about stop and blur action buy my book when it comes out later this year…in the meantime stay tuned for tips and more adventures in the world of creation….oh at the end we did a fun shot for Maggie, a parody of the Queen Album cover. Maggie is big fan of Queen ( so am I) and has seen Bohemian Rhapsody around 4 times ….

Stop Action in Action

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