Boy, did I mess up!!!

Well it wasn’t too bad but you would think that all the years I have been taking photos, I would have figured this one out.s

If you have been following me you will know that Canon Professional sent me their new Canon EOS R ( mirrorless camera) to test. One of the features I was excited to try out was their silent mode…no sound..( is that a Bob Marley song?)

The Quiet One

Anyway, I love the fact that there is NO SOUND when you push the button..I mean the possibilities, concerts, weddings, news conferences, street photography, spy photography…you get the idea.

I took the camera outside to test how it would work in different modes…I start with the A+ mode, fully automatic and pretty much fool proof. Click, Click Click..then I try the Manual mode, the mode I prefer for creative control…no click; no click ; no click….” Great! the camera doesn’t work, completing forgetting that I put it on silent. What I didn’t realize is that the silent mode does not work on the A+ it is not entirely my old man mind.

I rushed back home to call Canon Professional Service and ask them why the camera wasn’t working….As I am speaking to the very patient tech person, the bulb goes off in my head…ahhhh it’s on silent mode…and there is no silent mode in the A+ mode….I do a 180 and begin liking the camera again…Tomorrow the camera sees real action when I shoot some images for the book and on Monday when I shoot the possible cover..

Commandment #1 Know thy camera functions! that’s the part of the tablet that broke off when Moses broke the tablet…

Next topic will be : Did you know you can transfer via wifi from the camera to your iPhone or Computer using the Canon EOSR? How to:

I really like the sharpness of the sensor in the camera…

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