I am sure we are all looking forward to 2021. That said 2020 was an historic year in many ways. We elected a new US President with record numbers voting and we are going through the worst Pandemic since 1918. So now that 2021 is near we can see some light, with the vaccine and a new administration. On a personal note, I have published my sixth book and was a finalist in the 2020 Communication Art Photo Competition. I have also reworked my website where you can see recent work and purchase award winning prints ( coming in 2021) ..take a look at my new series “ The Spiritual Hula Hoop.

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This will be the last post for 2020. This is the time when I close all the loose ends in my office, get ready to grade finals at RMCAD, where I teach and planning out the next year. For those who have been following me, my big goal is to get my novel back from my editor and find a literary agent. If you know of any send them my way and if it works out I will put your name in the credits. In the meantime be safe and enjoy the holidays. This should be the last time we will be celebrating the December holidays in a Pandemic, so don’t despair.

Make a promise to yourself in the New Year to take care of yourself and last share my blog:)

Amanda from my photo series ” Spiritual Hula Hoop” ©SHBegleiter2020

Hello and thank you for taking the time to read my blog. I am including Part 3 of my HOW I DID THAT video series from my recent book Photographic Lighting for Everybody. The final episode is a bit longer, 11 minutes and it describes how I put the finishing touches of my image Phewa Lake in Adobe Photoshop.There are some really good tips and if you are looking to improve your photography this is a must watch. Here is the link on You Tube for your viewing please and be sure to share and subscribe to my channel…https://youtu.be/Hm4dvK0YIZE

My Latest video on YouTube Learn some trick on Abobe Lightroom and Adobe PhotoShop.

I am also excited to announce that my most recent book ” Photographic Lighting for Everybody ” made the top 100 book list on Amazon, book about photographic lighting. To give you some perspectice when my book frist came out is was at 720. This changes from time to time but it an honor to be on that list.

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Photographic Lighting for Everybody

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HI and thank you for being patient with part of the Phewa Lake Video. I was about to start it two weeks ago when I found out that my class at the Colorado Photographic Art Center called and told me I had students for my workshop. “Whaaaat” what about the Pandemic ? Turned out the class was small enough and dedicated , I couldn’t say no. My first in class teaching experience since March. Since I hadn’t prepared teaching a class, all my free time was dedicated to putting the class together. I am happy to say it well, everyone behaved themselves and we all had a lot of fun…fully masked, social distancing.undefined Phewa Lake in Pokhara, Nepal .

The class ending and I gave me time to do my latest video. It is part 2 of how I shot Phew Lake, the technical side. It is worth a look if you want to learn more about Adobe Lightroom and how you too can get similar effects. It is my longes video to date, 8 minutes….

Since I can’t compete with Amazon, the price of my recent book “Photographic Lighitng for Everybody” is now only $35, two dollars more than Amazon but that does include a personallly signed book, a special gift and free delivery in the USA. Order you book now…before I am out of stock again…

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In my recent book Photographic Lighting for Everybody one of the cornerstones of good photography is how to identify the quality of light and apply it to making your photograph standout. All the great artist study light and it’s effects on the subjects it illuminates. Monet catherderal paintings are a great example of that discipline as discussedd in NPR series Monet.

This award winning image was taken of Phewa Lake, Pokhara, Nepal

Starting out as a portrait photographer, I would place a bust of women on a table and move a flood light around the sculpture and photograph the light falling onto the bust. It showed me how light can be transformative and alter the contours, shapes and texture. Taking walks or driving through the city I observe how the light is effecting the environment, I take notes on time of day and the season. Over time I have learned to “walk away’ if the light is not just right and come back when I know the light will be right.

The following Video is a true story of how I captured one of my most prized photographs in my 35 years as a professional. The image of Lake Phewa, Pokhara, Nepal was just awarded the coveted Communication Arts photographic competition in the ” for sale ” category. The image was also selected by the ASMP National as the second best photo of 2019 ( personal work) and nominated in the MasterCup International photography competition.

My 4 minute video about the day I photographed my award winning photograph Phewa Lake.

This short video takes you through the day I shot this image and the experience I had leading up to taking this image. For me, photography is spiritual and connects me to beauty of the world and awakens me to it’s potential. It forces me to be in the moment and appreciate each moment of my life. In this difficult time of where we are and are experiencing a profound sense of loss, going out ( with mask and staying 6 feet away) and taking photos can be very healing. Enjoy the show and please subscribe to this blog and my Youtube channel, for more details buy my book.

undefinedProudly displaying my CommArts Award for the 2020 Photo Competiton…

Photographic Lighting for Everybody

July 4th special. If you purchase my book from me by July 5th, you will recieve a copy of my book signed and a special Thank You card with a print of Phewa Lake for only $40.


Hello friends and photo fanatics,

I was so excited to be the recipient of the 2020 Communication Arts Photographic Competition award. The actual award arrived today in the mail and it has some weight. It is a solid steel ( maybe aluminum) slick looking award. The last trophy I received, I was 12 and it was for coming in first in a swimming race, I guess I was overdue for another trophy: A happy photographer holding my CommArts award. Me and my CA award by the way..I explain how I got that shot in my recent book ” Photographic Lighting for Everybody” ..it can be purchased on Amazon. You can also go to my YouTube channel ” How I did that” In case you are not sure which image I am talking about …and I just found out my book was the #1 book for Lighting in 2020 go to Book Authority …to learn more…

Award Winning Image
Phewa Lake taken in Pokhara Nepal winner of CommArts 2020 Photo Competition

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Thank you for being patient and waiting a whole week for the next installment on HOW TO PAINT WITH LIGHT. In this two minute video you learn how to make “LEMONADE OUT OF LEMONS” Don’t forget to subscribe to the channel so I can continue to share my knowledge with you….


I believe the next time I blog will be the day my book Photographic Lighting for Everybody will finally be on sale on Amazon. The date is June 15th and I hope this time they mean it!

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Ever wonder how you dazzle your friends with your photography? Here are some fun and easy tutorials ( less than 2 minutes) to set you on the path to adolation and envy amongst your peers. Suscribe to my YouTube Channel. Better yet buy my recent book and dust off that old iphone or camera and create.

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Part 2 is coming this Friday June 5, 2020

Photographic Lighting for Everybody

Learn some new tricks in photography and some strong foundations to kick start your imagination. Have fun; learn and be safe....


I am excited to share the first review of my recent book ” Photography Lighting for Everybody” by Nicki Fitz-Gerald of iPhonography Central.

Anyone who starts their photographic career with legendary photographers Annie Leibovitz and Mary Ellen Mark has to be off to a good start – right? Photographer and photo educator Steve Begleiter did just that and he’s just released his sixth book… Nicki Fitz-Gerald

Photographic Lighting for Everybody

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Stop Motion on an iPhone or DSLR..what’s the diff?

No difference at all if you have a shutter speed control on your phone…One of the unique qualities of the Camera is the ability to Freeze motion, that the human eye could not detect. The famous photographer, Eadweard Muybridge knew this and was able to settle a bet between two titans of industry in 1872. The bet: Does a horse’s all four legs leave the ground at the same time when it is running ? ”

Here is how you can achieve this miraculous technique on your smartphone or DSLR

Hello Friends,

I will be brief, I just got the word from my publisher that my book will not be for sale until June on Amazon and around the world. I do have 4 books left and will get more toward the end of May if you are interested in an advance copy ( before it really goes public) . If interested please let me know who to sign it for:) Enjoy yoru weekend, I am out with a mask walking the dog…and staying my distance…

Photographic Lighting for Everbody

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I am excited to announce that my book will be available for sale on Amazon this Friday, April 24th.

You will still be able to order directly from me but please share this with photo enthusiast friends around the world. This will be my fifth book on the art of photography and I believe it to be my best. It was the most difficult to write since I forced myself to keep it simple. Meaning that I used my knowledge of 20 plus years of teaching photography to guide the content. I broke it down to what I feel are the essential tools to help everybody improve their photography regardless of what camera/phone you use. Take your photography to next level, impress your friends and win awards, buy this book.

Photographic Lighting for Everybody

Unlock your creative photography and unblock your potential as a visual artist. This book breaks down the essential knowledge you need to know to create not just better photo but breathtaking award winning images.


Photographic Lighting for Everybody

Please sure to tell me who to sign the book to. Once payment is made you will receive your signed book within 2 weeks. A limited Thank you for your support card is included.


For those who ordered early exciting news: Your books will be shipping this Wednesday, April 22nd.

Thank you for your patience. I got a notice that the shipping envelops will be arriving Tuesday and I plan to ship out the books the following day. For your support and patience I am including  a special thank you:

There are only 6 books left in stock, so be sure to place your order soon before they are gone. I will be ordering more but with the supply chain hiccups  I am not sure when they will arrive. On that note I am waiting to hear from my publicist whenAmazon will be carrying the book. All books will be signed to you/or who ever you would like for me to sign the book to and will include a Thank You Note while supplies last.

I am including another excerpt of the book for your viewing pleasure.

This section is toward the end of the book and is about post production. I am a big fan of Adobe Lightroom for archiving and “global post-production” digital retouching. It is not as powerful as Adobe PhotoShop but a lot easier to learn with a lot of extras like: Archiving with metadata, color coding and stars; a powerful search for your archived images; color controls; perspective controls; clarity; transition tools, spotting tools and lot more and did I say it was easy to learn.

The following is an image I had taken of the ancient city of Bhaktapur in Kathmandu, Nepal. It was a very sunny day and all the ” good stuff was in the shadows” . No problem with Adobe Lightroom. I went into the Basic Module went to the Shadow controls and ” lighten the shadows”. One caveat is the image was shot in the RAW mode, which allowed me more control in the processing. Something I get into detail in my book.

A final note: how to stay sane during Pandemic and self-isolation??? Learn something new each day. I am learning how to cook Moroccan food with my new Tagine. Just reading about the origins of the food allows to travel to another part of the world and in another time. The payoff is a great dinner. Tell me what new things you are learning about.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog and please share with your friends. I will be writing something new every Monday for you to enjoy.


Take care and be safe:

Steven H. Begleiter



Photographic Lighting for Everybody

Please sure to tell me who to sign the book to. Once payment is made you will receive your signed book within 2 weeks. A limited Thank you for your support card is included.




Photographic Lighting for Everybody

Please sure to tell me who to sign the book to. Once payment is made you will receive your signed book within 2 weeks. A limited Thank you for your support card is included.


My mailing envelops are delayed till April 20th so I will be sending out the books that were ordered last week, next week. Thank you to everyone who has purchased books thus far and for your patience.  A Thank You note with the award winning Phew Lake Photo will be included. .I too am experiencing supply chain issues. I am assured by both suppliers they will arrive next week.

If you do go to Amazon and want to purchase my book, it says it due June 15th. I am looking into that since I know the books have been printed, at least the ones that were sent to me..I currently only have 6 left..hoping to get some more soon..waiting to hear from my publicist …

Which brings me to Godot. If you are not familiar with this amazing play “Waiting for Godot” by Samual Becket it is work a read or watch..We all are experiencing Becket’s seminal play today. Lots of questions and no answers. I actually read it in high school and taught a course in the The Theater of the Absurd, something we are all experiencing today. In someways reading Becket; Ionesco; Pinter even Albee today is sort of soothing , humorous, and  revealing. Pealing away the perceived certainty of todays life and realizing chaos, chance and luck are the real drivers in our modern times. So my advice is to enjoy every moment ( something photography teaches us) , be kind ( karma) and learn something new..Plato had it right when he said ” an unexamined life is not worth living”

In the meantime here is another sample from the book:

I cover the importance of adjusting the Depth of Field to suit your creative intention. It is one the 3 foundations of creative photography and film making.


Screen Shot 2020-04-13 at 11.13.41 AM

The Annapurna Mountains

Screen Shot 2020-04-13 at 11.13.16 AM

Push Pins


Contact me if you have any questions and please share with everyone and be safe..



Photographic Lighting for Everybody

Please sure to tell me who to sign the book to. Once payment is made you will receive your signed book within 2 weeks. A limited Thank you for your support card is included.


An Excerpt from my soon to be released book ” Photographic Lighting for Everybody”

Hello, I hope all of you are healthy and staying positive by creating. Personally, I am fortunate to be stuck at home with my family, Zooming with my students at RMCAD at least once a week, walking my dog, cooking, social media’ing ( is that a word?) scanning my photographic archive of 40 years, , and learning new skills to broaden my creative world…Advice..we can’t change what is going on in the world but (be vigilante about the CDC recommendations for prevent the spread of this terrible virus) we can make the most on self improvement.
Simply cleaning out a sock drawer can improve your attitude…

Award winning Phewa Lake, Pokhara Nepal

I just found out my photo ” Phewa Lake, Pokhara Nepal ” has been short listed to the Prestigious Communication Arts Photographic Annual 2020…This will be the third award this photograph has garnered this year. It is for sale so if you interested message me….

That said here is another excerpt for my book ” Photographic Lighting for Everybody” coming out this May ( makes a great Mother’s Day present) Enjoy and please share and become a fan of this blog..much more to come and hey, what else you got going?

Stay healthy and if there is no one around to give a hug to…give yourself a big hug..you deserve it..

This excerpt is one of the corner stones of creative photography, the color of light. I break down the myths, misconceptions, misunderstandings and other m words to help you learn to control the final color in your photography. I love black and white photography but I also realize understanding color and be able to control the final color of the images opens up a whole new world of image making. If you are looking to inspired take a look at the work of Ernst Haas or Pete Turner…masters of color photography..

I was hoping that my book “ Photographic Lighting for Everybody” would be out in print by April but as everything in our lives it will be delayed till the first weeks in May. In the meantime I will continue to show excerpts from the book. If these’s teases are too much there will be an opportunity in mid April to see the whole book as a PDF..under the condition that you pm me and write a hopefully glowing review of the book on Amazon..something to contemplate over the long days ahead…

Above are two pages from my book. It address the importance of “: the direction of light.” Depending on where the light is coming from can transform you subject for cheerful to terrifying.

Photo Exercise 1:27:2020

Since all of us are temporily quarentined take advantage of this time to create and learn. Take a simple desk lamp/flash light and an object, like a vase of flowers or a can of soda and place the object on a table. Take your iPhone or camera and take a photo of the object with the primary light directed at the object. Now move the light around to the side of the object, above the object and below the object take a photo of each scenario. Notice how the form of the object changes depending on the direction of light…which one do you like best? which one expresses a certain feeling? Take different object or a person and try the same thing..You can learn a lot by observation, experimenting and making mistakes…

Enjoy this exercise and please share and join this blog. I will continue to share excerpts and there will be a cool give a way next month…stay healthy, love the ones that surround you and be productive…


Steven H. Begleiter..

PS I may start a Vlog on YouTube with more lessons and fun things to do on improving your photography… Anyone interested? Let me know …

In an effort to streamline content and better your experience, I will be changing my URL of this site to photographiclightingforeverybody.com. The name may seem familiar to you, it is the name of my upcoming photography book Photographic Lighting for Everybody This change will occur next week and will have new content once a week to keep you up to date with the book and keep you informed of it release, content and up to date information to help you improve your photography.

To make this blog more interactive I will be including tutorials, sneak peaks ( sections of the book) and will be fielding any questions you may have about the content and advice on how to improve your photography. So stay tuned and please chime in and share this blog with your family and friends.

It is a strange time we are living in with the Cover-19 Pandemic, all of our lives have been changed, now is the time to reflect, be informed and be kind to one another. We will get back to social engagement and in some ways will be a bit wiser. It is a good time to learn new skills, FaceTime and be with the ones you love. Peace and I look forward to sharing photos and stories with all of you…

I think this is pretty good start to a book…I can’t wait till I can actually put on in my hands…If you interested in purchasing on directly PM me at Steven@Begleiter.com, with your address and I will send you information about costs, where to send payment etc..once payment is sent I will ship one out inscribed within 2 weeks..but remember the book is still at the printer and will be out by mid April…Get on mailing list and you will be one of the first to know when it is out…

Pre Order on Amazon….

PS Photos in the book were taken in Montana; Colorado; Ohio and Nepal…:)

It seems as it was years ago that I started this project. My goal was to write a book that was accessible to everyone that wants to improve their photography regardless of their age or experience. I also realized that the smartphone is a great tool to record and interpret our modern world.

As an photo educator for over 20 years I really learned a lot from teaching and from my students. I learned to distill complex photographic theory into, what I hope to be, an easy to understand description of the foundations of capturing light on a DSLR or Smartphone. I still get exciting when I am demonstrating photo concepts and they have this ‘aha’ moment in their eyes.

I am excited to finally see the front; back and inside cover of the book…What does this mean? Well it is out of my hands and onto the printer, my publicist even asked for my address, I suspect to send the complete book to my home…

I also am privileged to watch them create and grow as a visual artist, like Cris Crisman who wrote a lovely review of the book. He was one of my early students at the University of Pennsylvania School of Fine Arts. He has blossomed into a wonderful visual artist, who recently published his first book ” Women’s Work”

While on topic I wanted to thank my former studio mate and friend Bill Bernstein for also reviewing my book. Bill is a great portrait photographer who was Paul McCartney’s tour photographer for 5 years… Finally I would like to thank one my mentors, national geographic photographer, educator, film maker and just an all around nice guy Bob Sacha, who was one of the first to read and review my book…I mean he did say he wished he had read this book 20 years ago..:) thanks Bob

Finally, if you are interested in purchasing a book directly from me and signed PM me…with all your info..I am setting up a purchase site on photoshelter which will be up and running in March …

I’s always good to review the 10 commandments before a photo shoot…this was taken at the Synagogue on the RMCAD Campus where I was taking photos of the model Astrid

The cover shoot for the book happened yesterday and I would say it was success..although I wish I would had more time with Astrid, the model. Sometimes working under a pressure time crunch is better..The uneasy feeling was I committed myself to shooting in natural light, no auxiliary lights just a reflector. So I was depending on the Sun…It was fun and challenging but reminded me of when I first started this journey 100 years ago…I was always chasing the light…

goosebumps due to the cold temperatures in the Temple..

The other factor was there wasn’t any electricity in the Temple …it was cold, about 40 degrees inside….my fingers were feeling the cold after being there for 20 minutes. It was so cold that when I was editing the photo in Lightroom I notice goosebumps on Astrids skin….which is a compliment to the Canon EOS R’ sensor…it is that sharp…I am not sure which image I am going to use for the cover but this is one of my favorites…

The setup …A.R. Leslie Photography is assisting me with a reflector

I read ” how cruel to have daylight savings time in 2020, to add an extra hour to this year is just not right.” Not that I wish away time, especially at my age, but it has a been a challenging year for all of us A positive attitude ( which is not always easy) and the openness to learn new skills and knowledge can help.

For me there have been some highlights. My photograph ” Lake Phewa, Nepal” garnered three awards: Best of 2019 ASMP award ( second place) ; Nominee for the Master’s Cup (International Color Awards ) and a finalist for the prestigious Communication Arts 2020 Photography Competition. If you are interested in purchasing a signed print contact with the size you want and I will let you know the price.

The Award Winning Photography. ” Phewa Lake, Nepal ” by Steven H. Begleiter 2019

The year 2020 also was the year I authored by sixth book ” Photographic Lighting for Everybody ” Amherst Media June 2020. I am proud to say that it reached #16 of all the lighting books sold on Amazon and has a 6 star rating. For those unfamiliar with the book, it is written for photo enthusiasts and semi-pros who want to know how to improve their photos on their smartphones, DSLR and Mirrorless digital cameras. I break down my 40 years of photographic experience and knowledge to what I feel is the essence of creating better photos. You can purchase the book from Amazon at in book form or digital form by going to :

Photographic Lighting for Everybody

by Steven H. Begleiter


Photographic Lighting for Everybody

Learn the secrets to becoming an award winning photographer….I should know…what a great Holiday Present…


I am looking forward to the new year and have some projects I am working on that I hope to share with you. Primarily I wanted to wish you all a safe and fun filled holiday and thank you for subscribing and sharing my posts. I promise to have a new photo tip in the next post so stay tuned. Please reach out if you have any questions or suggestions on how I can improved my posts.



You read that correctly, my most recent book Photographic Lighting for Everybody can now be on your Kindle for $19.95. Click on the link above to order and start creating amazing photography in days. If you would like a personally signed book in time for the holidays…see below. Don’t forget to subscribe to my author page on Amazon: Author Steven Begleiter. All in one info and shopping.


Photographic Lighting for Everybody

Ever want to create better photos on you smartphone or thinking about turning your hobby into money. This book will give you the basic to launch your passion of taking photos to another level.

35.00 $

Since the holiday are just around the corner, and if you remember my last post was about color correction I thought it would be a good idea to talk about photographing your family. When I first moved to NYC in the 80’s I met a Time photographer Bill Pierce. I asked him how he got into the business and his response was ” Photograph what you know, I took a portfolio to the Time/Life photo editors filled with images of my family, and they hired me on the spot.” True story by the way. I am sure they were not your ordinary family photos but images that captured imagination and stirred the heart.

Start with What You Know.

©The following images are from a series taken of my family at Lost Trail Hot Springs in Montana. I decided to start the book off with these photos of my son Makhesh and daughter Metika to demonstrate a few things: the magical power of natural light, the impact of light color on our emotions, and the simple act of being adventurous. It’s not important to understand all of the techniques I’m going to mention here ( we’ll work through them over the course of this book)> The important thing is to note that seemingly ” everyday” moments, scenes, and subjects can be transformed into exciting images through the thoughtful application of lighting, composition, and other photographic techniques-and with relatively basic equipment.

This is an excerpt from my book ” Photographic Lighting for Everybody” Amherst Media 2020
This Image was photographed with my iPhone. I used a the Camera+ app to vignette and sharpen the image. The rainbow wars created by the sun’s rays going through a crystal that was placed in front of the window
This award winning image was taken at Lost Trail Hot Springs. We would go there as a family in the winter and the owners would place a large translucent tarp over the pool. Since I was familiar with the site and had been there before I knew it would be a great location for photos. I took these images with my Canon DSLR and wide angle lens. I let the background light be my primary exposure creating the silohuet of my son Makhesh jumping into the water. I also took the risk of sitting in the pool with my camera getting wet. Water droplets landed on my lens which created the light distortion, I call these my happy accidents. For all those technical folk I shot this at a fast shutter speed of 1/200 at f11.
This is a photo of my daughter Metika at the same hot springs. Once again I let the background light be the primary exposure and ISO 100 at f11 at 320th of Second, the silhouette was create. I wanted a more somber mood so after I uploaded the image in Adobe Lightroom, I warmed up the color temperature from 5446Kelvin to 5150Kelvin, cool to warm. This is explained with more detail in my book.

So, be creative this holiday season, with your smart phone or DSLR. Please feel free to contact me if you have any question or assignments you would like to discuss. I am open for business. Finally I would like to direct you to my NEW WEB SITE: WWW.Begleiter.Com It is a work in progress but I am exited about the potential and the new platform on PhotoShelter.



HI Photo Enthusiasts,

I apologize for the lapse in posts about my most recent book ” Photographic Lighting for Everybody” and Tips you can use to improve your art.


Photographic Lighting for Everybody Amherst Media

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This post is an article I wrote for Denver Central Park Living magazine, aptly entitled

“© Creating Better Photographs For the Holiday”

The holidays are quickly approaching and like everything else this year they will be a little different. Regardless of whether you’re entertaining extended family or just your immediately family, you only have one chance to capture the festive moments. As a professional photographer for over 30 years I wanted to share some tips on how to take better photos on your smartphone or Digital Single Lens Reflex (DSLR). The topic I want to cover for this article is color correction, which can be manipulated on the smart phone before or after you capture your timeless family photos.

Ever wonder why your digital photos on your smart phone or DSLR look yellow or orange? In the photo world we call it color balance. If the source of light does not match the color balance of your device, normally set for Daylight color balance, (technically a color temperature of 5500 Kelvin degrees for all you scientist) the overall cast of your photo will look “off.” Tungsten light (when the light bulb is on and too hot to touch it is a tungsten light) will yield a warm orange/yellow color cast if your phone/DSLR is set to daylight balance.

 Skin tones are the most notable as shown in the images below

. .

On the left the image of Central Park resident Susan Lee (great math tutor) was taken under Tungsten Light (too hot to touch) and my phone was set for Daylight.  As you can see her skin has a yellow/orange cast. Simple by going to the EDIT module on my smart phone, clicking on the three circles (Adjust color temperature) I can move the slider to the left to “cool off) the orange/yellow cast. In this image I set the slider to minus 58, to remove the yellow/orange cast to make the portrait look more natural.

Final notes: If you can identify the light source, tungsten; daylight or fluorescent before you take the photo you can adjust your phone or camera setting on your phone, matching the light source. On your smartphone you can choose daylight (sun icon); Tungsten (Lightbulb icon); Fluorescent (long rectangle icon) etc… To match the light source.


Example of what the presets look like

If you want more creative control on your phone, I would suggest you purchase the app Camera +2 for $2.99 or $4.99 which will give you access to the creative controls a DSLR has to offer.

Using the Camera +2 App I was able to manipulate the color of the holiday lights at the Denver Botanical Gardens during the festival of lights.

To learn more go to https://tinyurl.com/StevenHBegleiter or contact me at Steven@Begleiter.com for lessons.


Want a pesonalized signed book for the holiday?

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Thank you for reading and to keep up with the latest and to receiver FREE TIP about photography, subscribe and Share with your family and friends….

Be Creative ,



Holiday Cards on the way ……New Website on the Way

First let me apologize for not creating new posts for awhile. I am back and start writing about helpful photographic tips for the DSLR user and SmartPhone user. I did want to let you know that my book ” Photographic Lighting for Everybody” was #29 on the Amazon list of photographic books about lighting.

Considering there are over one thousand books on lighting for photographers, I was pretty stoked. The holidays are coming up…hard to believe, Halloween first of course., Do think about purchasing a book from me or Amazon or wherever they are sold as a gift. If you purchase one from me directly, I will personally sign the book to you are the person you buying it for and send it directly to your home for a total of $33.00.

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Photographic Lighting for Everybody

Here is your chance to by a personally signed book for only $33 delivered….Makes for a great gift …

33.00 $

I will be producing limited number of Holiday/New Year Cards in packs of 25 of my award winning photographs. There will be more information about this toward the end of the month. If you have any suggestions of any images you would like to see, let know. One of the images will be of Phewa Lake, it has won the Communication Arts Award of 2020 and Placed Second in the ASMP 2019 competition. It is a peaceful image which we will all need this holiday season and into 2021.

Finally, I am working on a new website which is were you will be able to purchase the holiday cards and see other work, including my Fathers and Sons Images; Images from Nepal and Celebrities I have photographed in the 1980 and 1990s. That is all for now but please remember to share this blog ( sharing is caring ) and comment. I will all of the best, stay safe and enjoy each day…

The Website is : www.Begleiterr.com

Only 3 days to go and you will be able to buy my book Photographic Lighting for Everybody on Amazon. If you have already purchased the book PLEASE write a nice review.

An example of backlight.

This weeks video on YouTube is about Quality of Light. In two minutes I explain and show the importance of knowing where the main light source is; and how you can improve you photos. Take a look now and please subscribe to the channel. I hope to have a new one every two weeks. Click on this Link to see the new video….and don’t forget to subscribe...https://youtu.be/YccjPU4Ralo

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